Saturday, January 10, 2009


Tonight I went grocery shopping. Saturday night excitement for a suburban housewife.

I was driving out of the parking lot and there was an old man leaving the store, waiting to cross in front of me. To be kind, I stopped to let him pass. Those of you familiar with Naples know that a) there are a whole lot of old people, and b) they cross the road really slowly. He is taking for-ever to clear the road.

As I'm scolding myself for being polite and letting this geezer pass, I notice the necessity of his cart is merely to help him walk as its contents are only two items:

1. A "Happy Anniversary" Balloon that is flapping in the breeze, and
2. A dozen red roses.

As the man crossed (and believe me, there was a lot of time), I wondered what number anniversary he's going to celebrate and hoped that one day when Rey is old he'll hobble into a Publix to get me flowers and a balloon. And I thought of how sweet it is that this little old man has a little old lady to go home to. Provided, of course, that the flowers and balloon weren't for his little old mistress. : )

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The Greenawalt Family said...

That was really sweet Ashley. Made me cry...for like the 20th time today ;)