Thursday, January 8, 2009

Dear Girl Talking on your cell phone at the gym...

I understand you are probably a very important person holding a very important conversation, but is it really necessary to spend 30 minutes lounging on the leg extension machine whilst doing so?

I know, it must be confusing that this is not a resting place, seeing as the machine has this perfect little footrest to assist in reclining, thus making you more comfortable for your rather lengthy conversations, but there are people at the gym who actually want to put weight on said machine and use it to build muscle.

Perhaps, and this is merely a suggestion, you could move you ass over to the couch that is about 8 feet to your right. The gym supplies it for sitting and the machine you're lounging on for exercising.

Girl Trying to Work on Her Fitness


Lucinda said...

That seriously made me spit out my water!! LOL, you're too much!

BrianG said...

Amber and I agree you should be a writer. I enjoyed it despite your horns.