Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Very Own Annie Leibovitz

After the gym today, I went to take a quick shower, leaving the boys unattended. I put Bob the Builder on the occupy them, which usually does the trick. Today however, they had other plans. Mason got ahold of my camera and took over 100 pictures! Here are a few snippets:

First, he took a self portrait.

Next, he took a picture of Cole.

Then he took a picture of his chair,

followed by a picture of Cole in his chair.

His rocket ship...

Lila's basket of toys...

Then he took an interesting series that I like to call "Pictures of Pictures."

And my personal favorite, a picture of Cole getting into a ton of trouble. Here he is standing on my laptop to retrieve pens from the top of the computer armoire. He then used said pens to color on about a million different Post-it notes (that is my best estimation.)

When mama's away, the boys will play!

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The Greenawalt Family said...

You've provided me with yest another chance to use the ROTFL accronym...what a card that Mason and Cole...oh my goodness! Just wait till Lila joins the fun!