Monday, January 5, 2009


Mason and Cole got these swell pajamas from a relative for Christmas (also known as blanket sleepers). Cole is pretty obsessed with Cars, so he was loving his for that reason (he has many zip up pjs so this was not novel to him).

For Mason, on the other hand, it has been quite a long time since he's worn zip up, footed pajamas so this is a MAJOR novelty for him. All you moms out there are probably aware that a) these are difficult to come by in a size 4T and b) they really are a hinderance for the potty trained child. As a result, he's been sleeping in two piece pjs for over a year now.

Well, Mason is IN LOVE. He would wear these things morning, noon and night if I let him. He will unzip them and store Matchbox cars in the legs, stuff his Ruff Ruff in the stomach portion, etc. and generally carry all his crap around in these things like he's a pack mule.

Yesterday I told him if he wanted to get to sleep in them again that night he couldn't eat lunch in them because they'd get dirty. So he took them off, got dressed, ate lunch, and promptly requested permission to put them back on when the meal was over.

They're pretty thick so I catch him unzipping them and pulling his arms out, leaving the top to hang around his waist. He's sweating buckets, yet still refuses to take them off.
And for those curious minds, he's even figured out and effective and dare I say efficient method of using the bathroom in them.

Who knew that pajamas would be one of his favorite "toys" from Christmas??

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