Sunday, January 25, 2009

Dough Boys

Rey spent the day with the boys today. They started with haircuts. (See pictures below for results of that. Mason looks great, Cole looks like they used a weed whacker on him. Can no one cut blonde little boy hair well??? If anyone knows someone in Naples who can, you know where to find me!)

Next they went shopping for supplies to make pizzas. Rey thought it would be fun and they would enjoy it. Rey was right!

Step One:

Begin with impeccably clean hands. Wait in eager anticipation for daddy to haul out ingredients.

Step Two:

Watch while Daddy brings out baking sheets.

Step Three:

Make loud clanking noises by banging baking sheet upon granite countertops.

Step Four:

Stare at crusts.

Step Five:

Let's get saucy! We have spoons and we're not afraid to use them!

Step Six:


Step Seven:

Pepperoni. Mason chose to put his in a circle, since "pizza is a circle and pepperoni is circle shaped too". Cole chose and "all over" method.

Step Eight:

Contemplate whether you can steal a bite of unbaked pizza. Attempt it and get caught.

Step Nine:

Pose for mug shot after being busted taking a lick of raw pizza.

Step Ten:
Watch Daddy toss some jalepenos on his pizza. Don't touch 'em or your fingers will never stop burning.

Step Eleven:
Admire handiwork, watch Daddy put pizzas in the oven.
Cole's creation:

Mason's creation:

Step Twelve:
Become excited upon spotting pizzas in oven. Draw a crowd.

Step Thirteen:
Admire finished product!

Steo Fourteen:
Eat and enjoy!

Notice the dog scouring the floor for dropped crumbs. He's very good about cleaning the floor!

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The Greenawalt Family said...

Mmmm YUM! Looks like so much fun! Go Rey...what a great Dad! If I lived near you I would so fix Cole's hair for you. It looks like it wasn't faded right. Blode id hard! Call me tomorrow and I'll talk you through it if you are brave enough to attempt a fix ;)Sebastian has left the shop sith striped before!!! XOXO ~A