Tuesday, January 20, 2009

All Jacked Up

It was time for this bleeding heart liberal to pull out her favorite phrase—I’m all jacked up!!

Where we you when President Obama was inaugurated?

I was in my living room, living it up with the boys!!

I decided the kids would watch the inauguration. I know, they’re 4 and 2 and 8 months, but I felt this was something they should be present for. History in the making, if you will. (Sadly, Lila missed out because she was napping!) Mason kept confusing “president” with “presents” (Sebastian, you’re not the only one!) and he thought something super great was coming in a wrapped package. The jury’s still out of whether he’s disappointed or not.

When it came time to pick out clothes for the kids today, I decided to dress them in some patriotic wear. Mason wore his shirt that says “Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

Cole wore his “Freedom Race” shirt.

A few comments on the event:

How cute was it that Malia was taking pictures of her father speaking!?

I wonder how George W. is feeling. It must be quite a shocking transition to go from being leader of the free world to just one of us.

What was up with the hat the George H.W. Bush was wearing? Was he unaware that half the world would see him wearing that ridiculous thing?

(Did I mention how much I love Yo-Yo Ma? To be able to create beauty like that is such a wonder.)

I watched the flags fly over the mall and the majesty of it all struck me. To see thousands of people on the mall was stunning. And to see Obama get sworn in was something I’ll never forget!

The kids watched it, of course not realizing what the big to do was. I was jumping up and down (just a little) and said, “Do you realize what this means??”

Mason nodded his head in agreement and said, “Can we grab a snack now?”

Maybe he’s a Republican. : )


Anonymous said...

Attention Mason - The Young Republicans are calling! :)

Lucinda said...

Did you see the clip of George H.W. Bush giving that marine a slap on the ass as he walked by him? I almost pee'd my pants!

The Greenawalt Family said...

Great post Ashley! I can't believe you ever thought you wouldn't have anything to write about!! Oh and I just love the face that Cole is giving you...priceless!