Thursday, January 22, 2009

Princess Lilacita

Since she’s delectably adorable and doesn’t get very much face time on the ol’ blog, I’ve decided to dedicate this post entirely to Lila, who coincidentally turned 8 months old on Tuesday!

Don't ask me why, but somehow she's adopted the nickname "Princess Lilacita." The boys came up with it--they made a combo of her nicknames "Princess" (which is what I call her), "Cita" which is what Daddy calls her, and of course her actual name!

By my best estimation, she’s probably weighing in at about 14.5 lbs. these days. She’s most content to be on the floor, preferably with someone close by (Mason and Cole are frequently given the task of keeping Lila company). So far she’s not much of a girly girl as her toy of choice is always a train or Matchbox car.
She gets around pretty adeptly these days doing her own version of crawling. She’s begun to travel room to room in search of whomever she’s looking for, mainly Daddy (apparently he’s her favorite, never mind that I am her main food source, makes me feel really good!).

Below is a photo essay of what I like to call “The Lila Shuffle” as she targeted the ever intriguing chair leg:

She’s a woman on a mission when she sets her sights on something!

She was a little, shall I say, plugged up, so I was giving her some juice to move things along. I decided to try to teach her to hold a bottle.

She’ll do it, but know that she is not the least bit happy about. I don’t know if it’s P.C. to call your baby lazy, but when it comes to bottle holding she is! If it droops a little and I touch the bottle to help adjust it, she immediately drops it. Smart girl—why do all the work if someone will do it for you?
But, when you're cute, you're cute!!

And a nice shot of Li and Big Bro Cole. He's always up to get to hold her, and he's insistent upon having his picture taken while he's doing it! (Yes, he's still wearing his name tag from the gym childcare. He likes to wear is for the entire rest of the day.)

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The Greenawalt Family said...

I love this little girl!! Sh eis so beautiful Ashley. And I must say Cole and Lila REALLY look like siblings :)