Monday, January 19, 2009


This is the face of a sad little boy.

Mason got in trouble today at the gym for being naughty, which resulted in the revocation of his TV watching for the day, which resulted in this face.

He and his 6-year-old cousin Carson were rambunctious, rowdy, unruly kids today at the gym. It was a recipe for disaster really. There's no school today and there were no joke at least 20 kids in there under the care of two women (who really do a great job, I might add). It was like monkeys hanging from the ceiling--kids if all ages were everywhere. Mason and Carson are generally troublemakers when they're together, especially when I'm not around to lay down the iron fist of justice. Not to make excuses for Mason though, because he's old enough to choose good behavior over bad.

So, no TV until tomorrow. Which trust me, hurts me as much as it hurts him!

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Lucinda said...

Mason's first mug shot! LOL. Those poor gym daycare workers really have it pretty bad on days that school is out! My gym daycare looked the same as you described yours :)