Thursday, January 1, 2009


res-o-lu-tion [rez-uh-loo-shuhn] - noun
1. a formal expression of opinion or intention made
2. a resolve or determination
3. the act of resolving or determining upon an action or course of action, method, procedure, etc.
Okay, so I'm not typically one to make resolutions. I once read somewhere that only about 12% of New Year's Resolutions are followed through with. But in the interest of being interesting, I'm making a few this year.
First, I going to read one book each month. I used to read at least one book per week, a pace I was able to keep up right through my pregnancy with Cole. So I think one per month is doable. This move is to achieve a greater goal of making more time for myself. I am drowning in motherhood. I need to find more me in ME. I'm thinking of starting with The Hour I First Believed.
Second, I want to get Mason to eat a more varied and by default healthier diet. A kid can't subsist on chicken nuggets, grilled cheese and waffles. He will fight me tooth and nail on this, I promise.
Third, I want to finish potty training Cole. This is a project that started spontaneously by his sudden interest and had stalled just as suddenly due to my lack of interest. Truthly, he's a good 90% of the way there and sports his dinosaur BVDs most of the time, so this one should be easy.
Last, I resolve to cook dinner four times a week. Okay, three times a week. No sense in setting unrealistic goals!

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