Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Maybe I Can't Do It All...

Lately I have taken up sewing. With gusto! I decided I wanted to sew, bought a machine, and sewed. I was at first quite amazed that I was able to create an actual wearable garment. And then I made another, and another, and another. And then I thought to myself--Why am I so shocked that I can do this? I can do anything.

In addition to my sewing, I've decided to start cooking dinner. It's in the job description of "homemaker" and "stay-at-home mom" so I figured I should do it lest I be fired from my jobs. Besides, I can do anything. Remember?

My gym schedule of six days a week remains, though I did skip today since I went twice yesterday. I stayed home and hosted Keri for coffee and cinnamon rolls (we did go to the gym twice yesterday, so it doesn't count). Also, I am gearing up for taking the remaining classes I need to get my 200 hours RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher). It will take about a year. But that's okay, cause as you may recall, I can do anything.

School starting has thrown me for a loop. Someone should have warned me how much it sucks to have to get up five mornings a week, pack lunches and get all three kids in the car, even if I am only dropping off one or two at school. Had I know what I was getting myself into I would have kept Mason's preschool schedule on the Monday, Wednesday Friday rotation to give myself a break. I will survive though--I can do anything.

So with all the sewing and cooking, gyming and schooling, other things are suffering, like laundry folding, bill paying, and mailing birthday gifts off to out of town relatives. And, I don't know, relaxing every once in a while??

This has led me to revise my statement: I can do anything. I can do everything. I just can't do everything all at ONCE.

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