Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Summing It Up: Sacraments, Shoes, School, Self-portraits, Shots and Sewing

Sometimes we do nothing for days on end. It seems like sitting around and watching paint dry might be more interesting...

And then we have weeks like this week, where every day has been jam pack-a-roonied.

On Saturday, we attended the baptism of this sweet little boy:

At the reception, Mason sat and ate endless amounts of jellybeans. (You see his uncle, grandfather, and great-grandfather in the background. They just sat. I believe brandy was involved.)

Lila attempted to make calls to China on Grandma's cell phone...

And Cole cried. A lot.

Lila and I wore matching shoes.

Monday was the first day of school. This involved an eeeaaarrrly wakeup on my part in order to shower, get everyone dressed still have time to pack these suckers...

And of course course I needed time for a "First Day of School" photo op:

We made our "cute face"

Our "surprised face"

Our "happy face"

Our "wild eyes" (which apparently involves Cole's being closed):

Our "model faces":

Our "strike a pose" pose:

And we growled like a tiger.

Then we threw in some self portraits for good measure.

After school drop off, LilaGirl and I headed over to her 15 month checkup.

While waiting we had an inpromtu iPhone photo shoot...

We clapped...

And we tried to find a way to consume that sticker you see wadded up there on the floor.

LG's 15 month Stats: Her weight is a whopping 19 lbs. 1 oz., puting her in the 0Zero-th percentile. Her height is 29 inches, which was the 10th percentile.

It was amazing how quick the visit was.

Does she eat all kinds of food? Yep.

Does she drink milk from a cup? Yep.

Does she walk all over? Brush her teeth? Sleep all night in a crib? Yep, yep and yep.

My motherhood ego was feeling pretty stellar.

One shot, a co-payment, and an appointment set for Mason's --gulp--FIVE year well visit later, and I left planning to feed that child a hamburger for lunch in an attempt to pork her up a bit.

I love a visit with Dr. W., provided no one is sick. That place rocks.

After that, we headed to Target where I spontaneously purchased a Singer sewing machine. My mother was so proud she practically came running over to show me how to function it. She gave me a much needed rudimentary lesson in how to function the thing and some tips for sewing a straight line and that was it for the day.

Never one to have much patience, today I busted out a couple of yards of fabric I had hanging around and whipped up this little number.

Be impressed people. And be sure to tell me all about it.

Okay, so it is a pretty simple design with mostly straight sewing. But damn and I feeling accomplished today. You must understand, I have never sewn a single blasted thing before. This is my very first creation.

When Rey was eating dinner tonight I came around the corner with it on a hanger and he dang near choked on his chicken. "You MADE that?" he asked, incredulously.

Why yes, yes I did indeed.

Modesty, not my strong suit.

When I tried it on Lila she started strutting her little self around like she was friggin' Heidi Klum.

This little girl is a precious gem, I tell ya.


Tonya said...

Super impressed with the dress making! In my wildest dreams I can't imagine being able to sew that. KUDOS!!

Carrie said...

Very cool, Ashley! (But I'm sure you already know that!) :)