Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Remember the Time

No, this is not a post about Michael Jackson.

But rather, me.

I remember the time where I was Mom Who Has Time To Relax. I'm not really certain exactly what kind of mom I am now, but I am no longer Mom Who Has Time To Relax. She is a stranger to me.

Mom Who Has Time to Relax has left the building.

In the beginning, there was Mason, one little baby who had a gift for sleeping. My days were filled with new mom joys and tears, peppered with plenty of time for productivity. Thus, there was time left over for relaxation.

I would watch TV, read, chat on the phone for endless hours with friends (you know who you are, you guys used to be Mom Who Has Time To Relax, too). My house was clean, my laundry was clean and hung, my child was fed.

The last book I read: How to Behave So Your Preschooler Will Too! And that was at least two years ago. I have an English degree. I am a reader. But I am no longer Mom Who Had Time To Relax.

The last time my house was "clean"? That depends on your definition of the word.

And my child? Now there are three, and while they may be fed, you might recall that I do live in fear that they will one day glow from eating so much food radiated in the microwave.

Instead, I am:

Mom Who Can Never Seem To Keep Up With The Constant Dishwasher Loading and Unloading

Mom Who Bought a New Laptop Only To Leave It In The Box

Mom Who Is Attempting to Use Heat for Food Prep Instead of So Much Radiation

Mom Who Decided to Sew Clothes When Stores Sell Perfectly Good Garments

Mom Who Thought Preschool Would Be a Break (HA! Someone should have warned her about lunch packing time constraints and drop off/pick up limitations.)

So, since I am Mom With No Time To Relax, what do I do?

Sit here for 15 minutes and write this post.

I could have been relaxing, instead.

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