Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Laptop, My Left Hand Lady*

*I am a leftie, so "My Right Hand Lady" just wasn't suitable. Plus, where's the alliteration in that??

About a decade ago, the screen on my laptop died. (Alright, you got me--it was only last Thursday that the screen died. But is SURE does feel like 96% of my life.)

I have come to realize that not only am I dependent on technology, I am very, very dependent on that laptop.

We also own an old and turtle-speed desktop computer which has allowed me email and internet access without have to squint at my iPhone all the time. (And I should take this opportunity to once again give thanks and praise for my iPhone, without which my laptop-less life would surely be more lamentable.) Alas, this desktop is lacking in oh so many ways.

#1 - It does not have the RAM or the hard drive space to upload photos from my DSLR. Even if it did the program isn't loaded and I am (probably) too lazy to load it.

#2 - It does not have my iTunes loaded. Not such a crisis because my iPhone and iPod are loaded with music, but I am really itching to download some new tunes. No doubt this itch comes cause I can't. And you always want what you can't have.

#3 - Probably the most detrimental lack is the absence of Outlook. I can use web mail, that's all fine and dandy, but we are talking CONTACTS and CALENDER here people! I have no calendar which is really awful cause these days it's amazing if I can remember to show up places when I DO write them down. And as for the contacts, I'll refer back the use of the trusty iPhone, but right now I'm living in fear that something happens to my iPhone cause of a) my insane dependence and b) it hasn't been synced in over a week! Gasp!

I take solace in the fact that my laptop's brain, a.k.a the hard drive seems fine. It just looks like I need a new video card which is attainable easily enough.

Back in my working days I was in IT--people actually paid me to help with computer problems if you can believe it. As such it's an embarrassment to admit that I'm not too stellar at backing up my files. I am like a doctor who smokes... A priest who swears... A model who eats...

Could you imagine the coronary I'd have if the hard drive crashed? Flashbacks to the Sex & the City episode where Carrie "Sad Mac'd." Golly I miss that show...


BrianG said...

Have you tried plugging your monitor in the laptop to see if it is the screen or the video card?

Ashley said...

I thought of that but our desktop is an all in one, therefore we don't technically have a monitor...