Friday, March 20, 2009

Ten Months

Today Lila is ten months old. Planning for her first birthday party is in high swing!

Ten Months = Ten Things

1. In honor of her ten month birthday, she showed her appreciation for the woman who gave birth to her and started saying "ma ma" today!

2. Busy Body is not a strong enough term to label her!

3. She likes to crawl up on Cole's back. He hates it! "She's ON me! Get she off!" (Cole has recently adopted some pronoun issues, but he's not even three yet so cut him some slack.)

4. She hates grass. I tried to sit her in a few days ago... let's just say she was a little upset.

5. She likes to follow me around the house when I vacuum. Which is really good because I vacuum almost daily to prevent her from finding random stuff to eat, a naughty habit she has.

6. A few days ago she danced for the first time. The boys were watching Happy Feet and she started grooving to the tunes.

7. Shoes are her forbidden fruit. The boys are pretty trained to put theirs away when they take them off, but if one is lying around she beelines for it (she looks at you too, knowing she's not supposed to).

8. She's recently abandoned the "Lila Shuffle" (her version of crawling) in lieu of the good ol' fashioned crawl.

9. She still has no teeth. For their first teeth, Mason was 9 months old and Cole was a whopping 14 months. Teething is genetic, therefore I am not holding my breath on this one.

10. Every single day, someone tells me she looks like a doll. It's the blond hair, blue eyes and pale skin that looks like porcelain, if only we could all be so lucky!

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