Sunday, March 15, 2009

Girls are Harder than Boys, I Decree.

This face says it all. "If there's trouble to be had, I will find it."

Lila is into everything. I daresay it's incredible.

Not a day goes by that I'm not fishing something out of her mouth, and before you say it and I have to fight the urge to hurt you, I try really, really, really hard to keep anything off the floor that she can put in her mouth. I am not a frickin' moron.

But I have two little boys who aren't onboard with this plan. When they are sleeping at night I am secretly packing up toys that are dangerous to her. It is still not enough. She eats leaves that the dog drags in. She eats random tiny pieces of paper that somehow land on the floor. She eats the tiniest speck of something that's nearly unseen to the human eye but yet inexplicably she is choking on. Perhaps her most frightening was a screw that came loose off of the coffee table the other night. I caught her right before she was putting it in her mouth. And most recently she found a down feather from the inserts from the throw pillows on the couch.

It is maddening.

She overnight turned into a very active little girl. She has been doing her Lila Shuffle (the army crawl) since before Christmas, but recently she figured out how to pull up on furniture, pull on things and climb up into things like the computer armoire. Last night she cracked her head on the boys' bookshelf as she was standing there, grabbing for some books.

It's very interesting to see her personality come out. She is much more mischievous than either of the boys ever were, even more than they are now. But she's only going to get older and more active, so there's no going back.

In the meantime I'm vacuuming more than a human being should have to, I am scouring the floors for things she'd consider and edible, and I'm constantly worried about her choking, especially since her Heimlich count is up to three now.

I'm exhausted.

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