Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I am in Love

...with this outfit of Lila's.

It's so cute, and sweet, and floral, and comfy looking... it has made me happy all day long. I got it as a baby shower gift back before she was born. She's just now grown into it and I was waiting for good weather, and today's was perfect. (The picture doesn't do its cuteness justice, but isn't that a good looking baby?)

Thank you Carrie and Tonya for gifting this precious outfit to my precious girl!


Amber Greenawalt said...

That is one good looking kiddo!

Ashley said...

I think she looks like me in this picture! (It is helpful that you can't tell her eyes are blue-blue.) And yes, I think you are right that she looks like Cole. I've been meaning to tell you I agree. I rarely take her into Mason's school, but I did today and the director commented that she looks like Cole too!