Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hijinks and Shenanigans

Ah, the sounds of a house with three children. I can tell you they are never quiet ones.

The boys heard Lila wake up from her nap. They are always the first ones scoping out her movements on the video monitor, which follows closely by a fight over who gets to open her door (the things they fight over, I mean honestly....).

They went in there and were playing. I heard three laughing children so I finished the kitchen chores I was doing before heading in there.

They had quite the game going. Mason was taking Lila's pink piggy bank toy, perching it on her crib rail, and watching it fall.

Laughter was had by all. Even by me, because everyone was so happy and cute.

The laughter stopped when I discovered that the oinker was hitting Lila's dresser and scuffing it up. I informed the boys that the game must stop because the dresser was getting a "boo boo."

Cole's answer to the boo boo? A Band-Aid, naturally.

The offending pig. Look closely to note the brown scuff marks on his ear.

Mason was gravely concerned about my reaction to the damage.

Worry not, Mason. Mommy has the Pottery Barn corrector pen that matches this fine furniture! And it works really well.

Recommence laughter!

(Isn't this a great shot?)

Cole, of course, must do what Mason does. (Check out Lila's tongue! She's going to catch a fly in there or something!)

What a way to wake up!

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