Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Rey!!!

Today is Rey's 30th Birthday!!

Rey and I have been together for a long time--12.5 years to be exact. I met him when I was 13 years old, but we didn't start dating until a couple of years later. The first birthday of his that we celebrated as a couple was his 18th birthday. It was a landmark birthday, much like his birthday today. I bought him a gold Elgin watch, and never was I so proud of anything as I was of that watch! LOL

Rey and I really have grown up together. We went from being teenagers, to college students, to adults in the workforce, to husband and wife, to parents! Some say you should wait to get married until you become the person you're going to be, but I'm rather pleased at the way we've grown into ourselves side-by-side. Rey has been there for anything in my life that ever mattered, and I like that.

I am so proud of him and so very proud of the 30 year old that he is. People can never believe how young he is/we are because of what a beautiful life we've built and how successful Rey has become. In fact, just before his birthday, Rey got a really great promotion to a job he had set as his goal a couple of years back (time for a new goal honey!). And he really deserved it! I feel lucky to have a husband that works so hard for his family.

Rey deserves to have a great birthday, and he has done such a great job working and taking care of the four of us sicklings over the past week and a half, including this morning when he let me sleep a little extra and took Mason to school for me (this prescription cough syrup the doctor gave me knocks me out!). He deserves to have a great birthday more than anyone ever in the history of birthdays!

So Happy Birthday to the greatest husband-father-son-brother-friend anyone could ask for! We love you!

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Lucinda said...

It's funny, you know I still remind Glenn that the Tag watch he wears was the last gift that I bought for him with MY money. I'm still pretty proud of it :)

Happy Birthday Rey! (even if I've never met you)