Monday, February 9, 2009

Netflix: Bringing Families Together

It was someone's bright idea (either mine or my beloved's) to get the kids a movie on Netflix. This way, we could give movies a "test drive" before we drop the $20 on them (although Amber will be quick to hook you up with the tidbit that movies are $11 at Walmart during the week they are released--it's true, I can vouch). "Horton Hears A Who!" recently came out on DVD, so it went on the ol' queue. It made it way to the top and arrived in our mailbox. Rey's obsessed with the Netflix queue and insists on a quick turnaround time for movies so that he's getting his money's worth. And so it came to pass that last night would become Movie Night.

Lila went to bed early, and she did not complain. I think she's edging towards a 6:30 (!!!!!) bedtime because she's is a completely cranky, fussy utter nightmare of a mess starting at about 6pm.

The boys got an early bath in preparation for Movie Night, and I took on the task of popping popcorn. It was tough, let me tell ya.

Cole was so excited about the prospect of the popcorn that he had to make sure he Ruffie got to check it out.

The boys piled on the couch, along with their pillows, Bigger Blankies, Little Blankies (of which they each have two a piece), Ruffies, Cole's "Poster Ruffie" (Imposter Ruffie, looks like the real thing, but Cole's no fool), two Scoobie Doos (courtesy of Sebastian Patrick), oh, and Mason's Tex Rex Dinosaur which has somehow made it's way to be part of the bedtime posse. There was little room left for me and Rey.

The kid were excited about their popcorn. I thought about tossing some M&Ms in because that's a favorite trick of mine, but I didn't want to go spoiling these boys, after all.

The movie was good, we all four laughed, and I think Mason and Cole enjoyed the special treatment and time with mom and dad. Lila, bless her heart, usually commands the attention of one or both of us and the boys are required to be a little more self sufficient at times.
So Movie Night was a hit, and we'll be having a repeat performance in the future. Does anyone know when they next kid's movie is getting released?


Lucinda said...

What movie do you want??? If you're DVD player plays burned movies, we have ALL OF THEM!! I'm not kidding, Glenn is a video pirate! I'm waiting very patiently for "UP" to be available, it looks super cute!

Seriously, let me know if you have a request :)

Amber Greenawalt said...

Looks like so much fun! We need to get all our kids together for a movie night. I love that you are taking pictures of the DVD and popcorn...we are so friends for a reason I tell ya! I'll have to add Horton to our know how we like us some Steve Carell!