Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Mason is able to spot a Target store bullseye a mile away. He sees it on bags, sees it on signs, sees it on the back of the generic Target spray in conditioner I bought him... Even though the kid can't read, he knows these items are from Target from the tell tale bullseye. And he makes sure you know he knows.

It was also Mason's first "cute toddler thing" that he would spot a Home Depot store from a mile away. When we were living in Key West, Home Depot was one of the very, very few chain stores. And we took a lot of trips there as a family--sad as it sounds it was a major outing for us. Also, the road trip from Key West to Naples had us passing quite a few Home Depot stores. Mason would spot the orange sign from a pretty measurable distance and announce it.

So tonight, Rey took the boys to Walmart on an errand. Apparently there's a recorded message when you exit, because Cole came home repeating, "Thank you for shopping at Walmart."

Maybe I can get him a job there.

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