Thursday, February 12, 2009

I find this disturbing

Unless you live under a rock, you've no doubt heard of the woman who has recently given birth to octuplets conceived through in vitro fertilization. The story gets more interesting when the world learned that not only was she a single woman, she has six other kids AND is unemployed. Commence debate.

The ultra conservative debate that "all children are a blessing" even though it's really cramping their style that she's unmarried and on public assistance. The ultra liberal think this woman is nutso for wanting so many kids.

I just think it's disgusting that she's exploiting them in this fashion. I had a NICU baby, one not nearly as sick as these eight are, and I could never fathom putting their pictures on a website touting that I accept "Visa Mastercard or American Express." Good golly, (and really, I try not to judge people, I really really do) but what has the world come to? Go ahead, have 14 kids! And then politely request the rest of the world to support them so you can remain unemployed and provide "herself" for her kids, instead of, oh I don't know, FOOD? But wait! She's already getting $490 a month in food stamps to help with that! (Which is fine, people need help from time to time, that's what it's there for, I am a Democrat after all! However, it's also a good clue that it wouldn't be a smooth move to have in vitro and implant six more embryos, I'm just sayin'.)

Call me bitter, but my husband works upwards of 60 hours a week to provide for our family and the choices we made to have each of our children. I surely don't have the gall to strike up an ostentatious web site. I think we all need to be accountable for our decisions and responsible for our own children. The economy is in the crapper and many people are struggling to support their own kids, without being asked to help this woman support hers.

And if you're really inclined to donate money to someone today, I'd suggest March of Dimes, a wonderful organization I hold close to my heart that works to prevent premature birth and birth defects.

I'm stepping off my soap box now.


Kathleen said...

I totally agree. There is so much I have to say about her, and think about this whole situation, that I'm just not going to say anything except that I do not approve. And I don't think she's very smart.

Sidenote: Every time I type something I know you're going to read, I worry about my grammar and punctuation. Should I put a comma there? Is that the proper use of this word? Your English degree freaks me out.

And we do hide the scissors. Amya is really good at finding them for her crafty projects, but then doesn't put them away. And then we don't realize the scissors are out until something happens with them. ugh.

Lucinda said...

Oh, the most classic statement out of her mouth was, "I'm going to go back to school". What a dilusional wack-job!

Thank you, Nadya Sulaman, for making everyone else in the world chip in to help support your careless, irresponsible, ridiculous decisions!

P.S. I was yelling profanities at the computer while watching her interview.