Sunday, February 1, 2009

Starbucks, Eat (or Drink?) your Heart Out!

So yesterday during naptime I had a hankering for some coffee. I am not a morning coffee drinker, but I am an indulger of the dessert type coffee. Of course these are fattening as all get out, but hey.

Also, Bob Harper (the dude trainer on The Biggest Loser) said coffee is good for you, something about antioxidants. I am all about antioxidants these days, so I am encouraged. Plus, I irrationally feel like Bob Harper is my close personal friend, and I hold his fitness and nutritional information to be gospel.

When my hankering came along yesterday afternoon, the kids were sleeping, therefore I couldn't do my normal thing and jet off to Starbucks. So I crafted my own beautiful creation. I must be honest, the whole process of crafting this coffee for myself was very therapeutic. It was indulgent and enjoyable.

I made a half a pot of coffee and started gathering my ingredients: Splenda, Fat Free Whipped Cream, Fat Free Creamer, and a last minute addition of Hershey's Dark Chocolate chips (again, antioxidants!). Above is my creation, pre chocolate chip addition.

Looks good, huh? Well it WAS. I'm fighting a cold so my throat was scratchy and this was heavenly. The best part--it was only about 100 calories. As opposed to a Grande Nonfat Mocha with Whipped Topping which is 300 calories.
Anybody want to come to my house for some java???

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