Saturday, February 14, 2009

Be Mine

Today being Valentine's Day, this post will have a lotta Love in it.

For starters, I love writing about my day--it gives me the chance to relive it again! (I guess this only works when it was a good day, which (despite a nagging cold I've been fighting) today was!

The day began with Rey making pancakes. For a V-day twist he made them in the shape of a heart. I was impressed. He's generally not a great cook by any stretch, but the man can make a mean pancake.

Next, it was time to suit up Lila in her Valentine's Day gear. I tell ya, having a girl is a lot different than having a boy when a wardrobe is involved. When it comes to dressing the boys, it's "what color polo shirt should they wear with their khaki shorts today?" Makes life easy. With a girl, you have the dress, the bloomers, the tights, (sometimes) cute shoes, the obligatory adorable headband... etc. It could go on and on. But dang, she looks cute. She IS cute. : ) I love her.

After Lila's morning nap, we headed to Waterside for lunch at CPK. Daddy loved on Cole...

Mommy loved on Mason....

And Lila loved on her Turtle.

The boys love a trip to Waterside because it means they get to run around and look at the fountains. Annoys the old people, but hey, we live here year round, thus giving me a sense of entitlement.

On Thursday night I made 48 cupcakes for Rey to take to work. I saved us a couple for after dinner tonight. They were THE BEST CUPCAKES E-V-E-R. (If I do say so myself.) We all loved them. I am only sorry that you cannot taste one. Please refrain from trying to take a bite out of your screen as you view these photos.

The have a filling of cream cheese icing and a mini Oreo cookie. Uh huh.

And here are some sweet little boys enjoying their sweets.

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Amber Greenawalt said...

I LOVED this post. I think we all have a little Nie in us lately...ain't ig great :) I also love you. and miss you. and would love it if you could please come make me some of you delish cupcakes. xoxo ~a