Thursday, December 31, 2009

Best of 2009

All who know me, far and wide, know me as a product junkie. I love people, but I also love stuff. And stuff that makes dealing with people easier.

So today, as my last blogging act of 2009, I take a moment to pay homage to those items have come into my life and made me love them in the past year.

#1 - My Canon Rebel Xsi. 12.2 mega pixels of picture taking beauty. It will be wonderful when I really learn to work the thing. And of course it's left me salivating after about $1,000 worth of camera accessories, but that's besides the point I suppose.

#2 - The iPhone. My love affair declaration has already been confessed here.

#3 - The Rival Griddle

Purchased for Rey for father's day, this thing sees more action in our house than the toilet seat. We make scores of pancakes at a time, french toasts, bulk amounts of grilled cheese, you can even fry bacon on this sucker.

#4 - The Dex Baby Bib

This bib rocks the spot. If you have a toddler of solid food age, run out and get one. I promise you won't be disappointed! It stays on, thanks to some sturdy snaps, has a huge pocket that really catches everything, plus get this--it's dishwasher safe AND machine washable!

#5 - My water bottle. It is my constant companion, both in the gym and out. I love "ice cold water" as Cole calls it, and this keeps my water cold for 2 hours. It's leak proof, insulated, BPA free, and has a five year warranty. I got mine at Target for $8 or $9.

So there you have it. Off to pour my kids some sparkling grape juice, and maybe something a little stronger for myself.

See you next year!

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