Friday, January 1, 2010


Last year, I posted my resolutions.

The first on the list was to read one book a month. I have always been an avid reader, just waylayed by the birth of too many kids, so this was a safe bet. It just took me 75% of the year to get started... Yep, about September I started reading about one book every two or three days. So I guess without realizing it I have kept that one. I never have yet read The Hour I First Believed yet though.

The second was to get Mason to get a better diet. Um, yeah right. Them's pipe dreams.

The third was to finish potty training Cole. He is of course potty trained now, but I can't take credit really. It was bound to happen. How many kids go to college still wearing a diaper? He's almost four for crying out loud.

The fourth was to cook dinner four times a week, which I promptly amended to three times a week. Honestly, it's the stuff of miracles if I cook three times per month.

Then, a few days later after a few days of mulling, I came up another.

This last minute inclusion was to take more video of the kids. Well, this year we purchased a Flip Video Camera, and that certainly assisted with the cause. More video was most definitely taken in '09 than was taken in '08. Is there still tons of room for improvement to catch the kids doing cute things of having important moments? You betcha.

So out of five resolutions for 2009, I can say I kept one of them, defaulted into keeping another, and barely eeked by one keeping a third. The other two were lost causes from the get go.

In light of the fact that people don't typically keep these wretched resolutions, and I being included in the category of "people", these are my resolutions for 2010:

1. Gain a lot of weight and be really out of shape.
2. Have unruly, undisciplined children.
3. Sleep very little.
4. Maintain a very untidy household with tons of takeout food.
5. Learn gymnastics.
6. Never allow words to fail me.

Here's to 2010!

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Lucinda said...

LOL! I'm liking 2010's resolutions!