Monday, December 7, 2009

Bah Humbug

Top Ten Reasons I Am Not Sending Christmas Cards This Year:

10. At this point, waterboarding sounds more pleasant than sitting down to address, stuff, stamp and seal 100 envelopes.

9. I can never seem to find a card I like enough that wouldn't cost $200 for the quanitity I need.

8. Saving $200 sounds like a good idea.

7. Saving the environment by not using up the paper for 100 envelopes and invitations seems like a good effort for a tree hugger like myself.

6. It breaks my heart to think of how most of the cards just end up in the trash come January 1. (I know some of you keep them, and I know who you are!)

5. Rey left town to work in Key West for 8 days and my stress level is at a max.

4. So something had to give.

3. Call me The Grinch and paint me green, I'm having a hard time feeling festive this year.

2. I am too tired.

1. I would rather shoot myself that try to cature the "perfect" photo card shots of my kids.

So, in light of all of these confessions, I started wondering why I send out Christmas cards every year. And I honestly couldn't come up with a good reason. Thus, I decided to opt out this year.

And boy, let me tell ya, I feel liberated.

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