Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Run, Don't Walk

And get yourself an iPhone.

After the debacle of the Blackberry Storm (which was a total friggin' joke) and the even bigger cluster you-know-what of trying to return it and purchase a Tour (which I was refused because I am a current customer and they are only selling the Tour the NEW customers, total BS), I felt so very, very wronged by Verizon. Here I had been their faithful patron for years, touted their praises, and refused to leave despite my burning desire for the convenience of a phone and ipod all in one...

I was so mad. Infuriated. There aren't really even words. My only recourse was to take my money elsewhere, which wasn't my first choice. But I guess it was my first choice, cause it was my only choice. I would rather pay them $175 to cancel my contract than pay them $2400 in monthly fees over the next two years.

So I had sorta settled myself that in order to screw Verizon, I would switch to AT&T and get an iPhone. Rey thought even if I switched that I should get a BlackBerry, him being a BlackBerry man and all. I had already written that off... Keri and I were going to dinner at Coconut Point, and just happened to stroll by the Apple store after our meal.

We walked in. They had rows and rows of them to try out. (They also had rows and rows of computers, all hooked up to the internet. That Apple store is a super fun place, I tell ya.) As soon as I picked one up, I was sold. Everything I tried with it had me exclaiming, "This is so much better!"

The keyboard: "This is so much better!"

The screen lag (or lack thereof): "This is so much better!"

The fact that the touch screen doesn't place a three way call to China when you're on a call: "This so much better!"

All the bitchin', kick A things that it does: "This is so much better!"

So I signed up, paid my money and left happy as a clam. In one day, a mere 24 hours, I was able to set up my phone with my email address(es), add my contacts, upload my iTunes, etc. I couldn't manage that in an entire TEN days with that blasted Storm. Piece of crap that it is....

Don't even get me STARTED on the App Store. That commercial that says, "There's an App for that" is so frickin' true it's not funny. There is an app for absolutely anything and everything. I read online that it would cost something like $144K to buy every app in the app store, which considering most of them are $.99 or $1.99 is saying a lot, not to mention that there are thousands of free ones.

Want to have GPS tracking while you run? There's an App for that.
Need some info on pet First Aid? There's an App for that.
Want to track your period? There's an App for that.
Want to make it easier to text while intoxicated? There's an App for that.
Need something to help you make grocery lists? There's an App for that.

And the Shazam app that tells you what song is playing the coolest thing ever.

Sure, it's a mighty fine piece of technology and as such I still haven't figured out how to power the thing off. But so far I'm in love, more in love than I've ever been with an inanimate object. Maybe one day I will regret my Verizon defection, but that day is not today.


Anonymous said...

Just reading your post made me want to march my little self down to the nearest Apple store (which by the way is at least 90 miles away) and make the switch.

Amber Greenawalt said...

It's at the top of my Christmas list ;)

Ashley said...

Tricia, It would be worth every step of your 180 mile round trip journey. And on the way home you'd have apps to give you directions, track your speed or you could even follow yourself with satellite imagery via Google Earth! : ) Thanks though, nice to know I could fall back on being a iPhone salesperson should I ever give up the stay-at-home mom business!

Lucinda said...

I'm so glad you switched!! Told ya it was the bomb.com!!!