Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ask Ashley - Sh*t Stinks

Our next installation of 'Ask Ashley' comes from a repeat customer.

Dear Ashley,

Do you use a diaper genie? If so, how do you keep the house from smelling like a dirty diaper? If you don't, ummm, how do you keep the house from smelling like a dirty diaper? Thanks!



Attention all new moms: Do not, I repeat DO NOT register for any type of diaper disposal system. It is a waste of money and ranks right up there with the uselessness of wipe warmers and bottle sterilizers.

Once your baby is on solid food, I'll be blunt--the sh*t stinks. And trust me, there is no man made contraption that is going to contain the aroma. These companies that make Diaper Genie, Diaper Champ, Diaper Decor (that's my favorite named one, BTW as if it's from Pottery Barn or something) they are out there to take your money. They know we mothers deal in a lot of crap and will pay good money to make it easier. But it's not. If someone can find a way to invent and actual genie to come and dispose of diapers, now we're talking about money well spent.

As for how to keep your house from smelling like a dirty diaper--you need Publix/Target/Walmart bags, and lots of them. I have a small trash can in my garage that I throw all the diapers in. Before tossing them out there, I tie the ripe ones up in a plastic bag (sorry environment, I love you, I really do, but I love my sense of smell more). Each night the diaper can gets emptied into the outside can along with the kitchen trash. If your outside trash is close and convenient enough (mine is not) skip the mini can middle man.

I know this sounds like a pain, but trust me, there is nothing out there, absolutely nothing, that can contain the odor once a baby is on solid food. And keep in mind you're not changing diapers nearly as often as you were during the newborn phase. Your other option is to keep the Diaper Genie for pee diapers and only toss the stinkers outside. BUT I will caution you--if your Genie is already reeking, ain't nothing going to get the smell out. Once it starts stinking I swear it's ingrained in the plastic or something. Toss it and invest in a new one.

That's just what the Diaper Genie company was hoping you'd do!

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Amber Greenawalt said...

I totally agree. By the third kid we don't bother with the any type of diaper disposal system, just Teeter bags straight into the main trash.

Go Ashley, Go Ashley...

Nicole S said...

Thanks for the help! Our diaper genie has acquired "the stink" and I think we are on our way to "recycle" it . . . fortunately we have a large stock of Publix bags!!! When can I start potty training???? :-)

The Manrings said...

i'm totally with ya on this one.....i never registered or bought a diaper genie or anything like it. i was convinced that i could make my little wicker trash can that matches the nursery perfect.. work...and it does. outside trash runs are happening all the time around here to keep our house smelling fresh.