Saturday, July 25, 2009

Rey & Chicks + Six: Day Two

Highlights from the day include:
  • A super fun, labor intensive, sand consuming, sun soaking, Bob the Builder eat-your-heart-out trip to the beach
  • A proper education on what really happens when a baby eats an undetermined amount of sand
  • A minor scare that we'd been robbed, but really it was just a teensy case of forgetfulness
  • Someone* falling on his or her ass on the slippery rain soaked garage floor
  • A trip to Target (it's always a good day when a trip to Target is involved)
  • A super special girls only dinner
  • A raucous round of "The Force Game" a.k.a. Light Sabre play that gives me an ulcer.
  • Bedtime that didn't involve a million lectures, bribes, threats and that resulted in six sleeping children instead of three giggling ones.

*Names omitted to protect the gravity challenged.

But without further ado, following is what I shall title "The Beach: A Photo Essay"...

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