Friday, July 24, 2009

Rey & Chicks + Six: Day One

Traditions: Everybody's got 'em.

Turkey on Thanksgiving Day.
Tossing the bouquet at a wedding.
Baptizing newly born babies...

Here at the Bi-Annual G-Walt and M-nez Super Summer Suaree, we've got traditions, too.

We eat a Carvel Ice Cream Cake.
We plan lots of fun stuff and have so much fun it should be illegal.

We give our kids a country folk style backyard bath.

This year, we are hosting Amber and her crew (and Brian too, in a few short days). But until he arrives, we've dubbed ourselves Rey & Chicks + Six. Jon and Kate, eat your heart out.

You'd be amazed at the efficiency of a backyard bath. And did I mention the water conservation?

And the FUN?

Never will you laugh so hard as when you're friend is bathing your children in your backyard. Somehow I ended up as the photog for this little event. Ironic as Amber does it for money.

First up: Cole.

Next, Sweet Siennah (See-anna, if you're Cole).

Mason and his scraggly long hair... he looks like he lives in the wilderness these days.

Despite the shampoo's Tear Free quality, Sebastian was bawling that it was burning his eyes even before a sud neared his cherubic little face.

So he cried.

LilaGirl, loving up the water. She took the insanity of it all in stride.

Savannah, no so much!

They were all clean, dry, and ready to be snuggled into the beds. Especially this one.

I guess you could say the other ones were a little resistant to sleep.

The plan was for Amber and the girls to be sleeping in Mason and Cole's room. Lila is bunking with me and Rey, and the boys are "camping" in Lila's room. Siennah, not one to be left out, opted to sleep in Lila's crib so she could be with the boys. She was the second child asleep tonight, and seems really pleased with her bed.

Who won the prize for the first kid asleep???

Almost two hours after the original good night hugs and kisses, the boys are still asleep.

Apparently our plan of wearing them down to get to sleep early is a failure.

Tomorrow, beach. Stay tuned.

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