Friday, July 17, 2009

Maybe I Don't Support the War, But I Sure Do Support the Troops

Back when he was in high school, Rey's little brother Brandon joined the JROTC. His passion for it was quickly evident to everyone, and as such after he graduated he enlisted in the army. To say that it changed him would be an understatement. To say that becoming a solider morphed him from a boy into a man would be a very accurate assessment. What he does is not an easy thing, and we are a proud family.

As was to be expected and perhaps even inevitable, he was deployed. He left behind a pregnant wife and was thankfully granted leave to fly home for the birth of his baby Ava and also to attend Lila's baptism, as he is her godfather. But swiftly back to Afghanistan he went, father of a newborn baby, off to another world for the following 11 months.

Last night, he was safely delivered back to Fort Hood, Texas where he is stationed. His long 15 month tour has come to an end. My in-laws, his wife Brandi, their baby Ava, and Rey's other brother Bryan were all there to greet him and welcome him back. He's got a week of work and then a whole entire blessed month of leave. We all can't wait to see him.

At Lila's baptism, Father Glackin said a special prayer for Brandon that he be able to return safely. It was a moment. A thick one. You could feel the prayers of people, of his family, laced with hope and fear, of pride and consternation. And our prayers were answered. There are families across America with sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters fighting. I hope and pray they are all as lucky as ours is to see their soldiers safely returned home.

The end.

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