Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I love having a daughter...

I love having a daughter. Although she can throw down some shocking diva drama scary enough to make me shake in my boots, she also walks around in her jelly shoes, carrying a teacup from her pretend tea party in one hand and a baby in the other. It makes me want to hug her forever, that it does.

She is just so her.

And she is obsessed with her new jelly shoes.

Her love of shoes and hair styling and makeup and all things pink... it makes me marvel at the differences between boys and girls. I've always heard about them, and I really didn't care. My boys are so wonderful and unique in their own rights, they even decided against having the same hair color in effort to be different from one another. I shouldn't be surprised that our third child is yet another version of offspring. But I can't help but look at Lila and appreciate the brave new frontier that is parenting a girl. Even though I am shocked, shocked, that it's happening so young.

(Doesn't she really look like she's intently reading this book? I think it's actually upside down, but whatevs.)

This morning we dropped the boys off at preschool and came home to park ourselves on the couch and watch American Idol. Jelly shoes and all.

Lila loves American Idol. She swayed and danced and we generally enjoyed ourselves. She was quite fond of Casey and his electric guitar stylings, but we decided against choosing him as our favorite.

We like Alex, the guy with the mullet.

We're partial to people with mullets around here.


Booklover1212 said...

She is way too cute! Jelly shoes and all!! LOL!

~ Jennifer

JONES said...

Enjoyed reading this post...she's a beauty.

The Manrings said...

wohooo for jelly shoes...that is a sure sign spring and summer are around the corner. she is a real cutie and so pretty in her pink shoes. it is really special to have a daughter and to watch them loving on their babydolls and having pretend tea parties. i love it too. xo