Friday, March 12, 2010

High School Sweethearts

The Old Man and I are high school sweethearts. This is amazing to most people. Sometimes it's even amazing to me.

We met when I was at the ripe old age of 13. He was 15, an older man. But we didn't start dating until I was 16 and he was 17.

Fast forward 13 years, a house, three kids and a dog, and you will find us here. In a state of wedded bliss. Or wedded semi-bliss, depending on if any of the children have had the stomach virus as of late. That definitely will take your bliss down a few notches.

I'd say once a month or so, it comes up in conversation with friends or strangers that my husband and I were high school sweethearts. It is nearly always met with a response of shock and awe.

I have come to expect, and accept, the shock and awe.

But it isn't that shocking to me. Or awesome. Or even that rare!

A few days back, I got to thinking about all of the people I know, who went to my high school, who are now married to their high school sweethearts or at least someone they knew from high school.

Michelle and Aaron. High school sweethearts, married with three kids. Sound familiar?

Nicole and Jeff. Okay, not high school sweethearts, but definitely high school friends. Married with an adorable (and tall!) little boy.

Lindsey and Tyler. Again, not high school sweethearts, but they were acquainted... Married with a little girl who has the most darling pigtails. (Pig tails are a pipe dream around this house!)

Keri and Joe. High school sweethearts, just had their first baby. A girl!

Is this some kind of Southwest Florida phenomenon? And who made up the term "high school sweethearts"? Cause despite the fact that I can't think up a better term to use, I don't like it.


Nicole S said...

It's so funny that you posted this. I have thought about this too! How funny that we all went to high school together and now are married with kids. Funniest thing too, I found an old diary where I wrote that some I knew was dating Jeff "Spoonseller" (yep I spelled it wrong) and that I thought it was "strange" . . . how I wish I would have expanded on that thought! LOL! :-)

Kathleen said...

When I was dating Jeff, my little sister could NEVER remember his last name and one time she called him Jeff "Snotsucker" (that's what we call the blue bulb syringe for babies) and the name stuck. Whenever he would call, all of my little sisters would run around shouting that the "Snotsucker" was on the phone for me. I was always so afraid that he would hear them LOL.

Barron must have just been really good for breeding "sweethearts". Or is it like that at every high school?

And you forgot Melissa (was her last name Heimley or something like that) and Eric Hunt. They're married with a few boys of their own now.

Ashley said...

Nicole, was it Kathleen you thought was oddly dating Jeff? FWIW I never understood when one of my friends dated Reinery, and so very many of them did...

K-How funny is that, I don't even remember you dating him! I can only remember the chubby blonde kid... what was his name?

And yes, I forgot Melissa. Her last name was Heiny. Like an ass.

BrianG said...

Amber dated her high school sweetheart.

Kathleen said...

HA! the chubby blonde kid - that would be Chris Miller, although we never technically dated. He's the one my family referred to as "Fat Chris". I'm telling you, it's amazing that I actually dated with all of the embarrassingness that was my family.

And I think I snorted a little when I read how you described Melissa's last name.

The Manrings said...

wow, okay...i am laughing out loud at these comments. your post is very true...whats with all the hs sweethearts we know but it being such a rare thing at the same time. people look at me all strange when i say yeah ty and i grew up in the same neighborhood. funny. pss. hope your crew feels better soon. the stomach flu is no joke!! xo

Nicole S said...

Kathleen, THANK YOU for that "nickname" HIL-AR-IOUS!!!!!! Snotsucker! ha! Oh and no, he never heard it on the phone!