Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cole's Easter Birthday Bunny?

This year, Cole's birthday falls square on Easter Sunday. And I am at a loss.

Do I forgo a little of Easter for all three of my kids to properly celebrate Cole's birthday?

Or do I forgo a little of Cole's birthday to properly celebrate Easter?

I am an all or nothing kind of girl. So I am having a lot of trouble with this sharing the holiday business. Those of you with Christmas babies, my heart goes out. Although in a way this is tougher because it's difficult to explain to a three-almost-four-year-old why he has to share his birthday with Easter this one year only, when each are equally lofty to a kid his age. The 40 days of lent mean nothing to a kid who can only count to 14.

I'm looking at napkin rings that say "Happy Easter." But I can't use those on Cole's birthday....

Can I?

I'm looking at our typical tradition of taking the birthday child to breakfast with his or her parent of choice.

But we can't split up our whole family for breakfast on Easter Sunday...

Can we?

I feel like whatever way I throw it, someone's going to get shorted. Is this reasonable guilt or am I being ridiculous? I do have say that since he's the middle child I alway go above and beyond to make sure he doesn't feel shorted...

His party is on Saturday, his actual birthday/Easter is on Sunday, and the obligatory cupcakes at school come on Monday.

I am exhausted already.

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Nicole S said...

My brother's birthday is on Dec 16th and when he was younger we used to throw him a half birthday in June so that he could have a big party and not feel, well, shafted, for lack of a better word. Maybe tell Cole that this year, because it's such a special year, he gets to have his special breakfast the week before or after. And on Easter you can't search for eggs and the whole thing, but maybe hide a special birthday egg just for Cole. And you know what? Use whatever napkin rings you want! Life's too short to always follow the rules!!!! xoxo