Monday, May 18, 2009

Taking Pictures of People Taking Pictures, Part Two

Allow me to start by saying that this is a very long post. There are a zillion pictures to share the rest of the day we have last Thursday after the photo session. (And I might add, Blogger's photo uploader is absolutely terrible!)

I will also include the disclaimer that as you get further down, it might look like I'm a very mean mom. I promise, I am not.

So, Terrilyn brought seamless background paper for Lila's photos, and left behind a big piece of it for the boys to create a little art with. They were really excited by this prospect!

First they didn't believe me, and kept looking at me like, "Really? This thing you were just yelling at us to stay off of we're now supposed to color with markers??"

But once I convinced them it was okay, they were off!

Cole began with his standard "Scribble Scrabble."

And Mason began by yelling at Cole for the aforementioned "Scribble Scrabble." Seriously, he's the scribble scrabble police.

Cole was having a super fun time though.

And Mason got to work writing letters.

They were being so sweet and peaceful, just drawing away. So I decided to hit the kitchen for a quick snack. And returned to this:

Seriously? A piece of paper bigger than he is and this boy must draw on his legs.

Oh, and his face.

The result of a fun project:

And also... I have a standing rule that we keep markers up high so that Lila doesn't get into them. So we typically use them at the bar in the kitchen. Well obviously this wasn't conducive for this project, so on the floor we went. Lo and behold, the necessity for my rule was confirmed.

Thank God Crayola markers are non-toxic. (And you have no idea how difficult it was to return her tongue to a normal shade.)

Moving on...

Afterwards, Mason headed into the kitchen and noticed we had a new roll of paper towels. I always always always buy white paper towels, but Rey made the purchase this time, and for whatever reason he chose to buy some with a country print on them. Mason saw them and could not get over it. "Hey, what's with these paper towels? They're drawed all over! "

And then he said something that brought a tear to a proud mama's eye. "I better grab the camera and take a picture!"

And off he went, to fetch his little VTech KidZoom.

And of course, I grabbed my camera to document the time that Mason grabbed his.

Cole was furious, tirading that he was left out of the picture taking. He was begging Mason for the camera.

And Mason was shooing him away.

What you're about to see is such a rare occasion, such an event of nature that is has never before been documented. Cole had a tantrum.

And since Mason recognized that, much like the paper towels, this tantrum was a rarity, he started taking pictures of that too.

I have a general rule that I don't take pictures of my kids during their really ugly moments. After all, who wants to remember that? But those of you who know Cole understand that he is the happiest boy on the block. Always jolly, jovial, and agreeable. I couldn't help but laugh because it was so out of character for him.

Cole ran off to his room, enraged. Mason and I stayed behind and started taking pictures of each other taking pictures. He understood the irony and got a real kick out of it.

Mason ran off, and soon I heard Cole screaming at him. I went to investigate.

Cole had gone in his room and started playing with blocks and cars. Mason came along to take more pictures. Cole was not pleased.

First he covered his eyes, because as far as Cole's concerned if he couldn't see Mason, Mason couldn't take his picture.

Perhaps he realized this wasn't effective, because he ran across the room and slammed the door.

Mason thought it was great. A super fun game.

So he opened the door, and the whole scene replayed itself again.

And again.

And again.

And soon, Cole was laughing too.

And Mason and I were allowed to come in and play.

Something, don't ask me what, set Cole off again. The most easygoing kid you've ever seen was launching into his second tantrum.

I like to call this series "Meltdown a la Cole."

And just like that, Cole was laughing again too.

I'm yelling you, the whole thing was like the Twlight Zone.

Mason decided we should take self portraits at about the same time Lila arosed from her slumber to join us. Cole wanted no part, and I wasn't about to push the issue lest he launch into another tirade!

Later, just before naptime, Cole finally got his mitts of the coveted VTech KidZoom camera. Earlier in the day when Terrilyn was here, we were in the boys room at another ill-fated attempt to get them to simmer down and take some pictures. While we waited she sat Lila on top of the boy's nightstand to take some shots of her. When I went in to tuck Cole in for his nap, this was the scene:

My little imitator. He was pleased as punch to be photographing his Ruffie and his 'Poster Ruffie. Just like "Princess Terrilyn."

And that was the end of our morning of crazy happenings. Since then I've been wildly working on Lila's birthday party. I would say I can't wait until things return to normal again, but are things ever normal when you're the mom of three kids?

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