Sunday, May 17, 2009

Taking Pictures of People Taking Pictures, Part One

We've made an annual tradition out of having photos taken by the wonderful Terrilyn. It started back in 2007 for Cole's first birthday, continued in 2008 for beautiful newborn shots of Lila, and now in 2009 for Lila's first birthday shots.

This year, Terrliyn came with some gear.

Along with this colossal flash, she brought along pink background paper for Lila's shots. Cole especially was quite fascinated, and still talks about the "buzzy bee" on the flash's logo.

While Lila was her usual scrumptious self, the boys were c-razy. I daresay they were crazier than usual! But I sort of expected this, they do so love to show off for guests. And as Terrilyn and I chased them from room to room, trying to get them both to hold still simultaneously for even a moment, I started sweating from all the work! They have so much energy--if only I could bottle it and sell it....

I couldn't help but laugh. She was so patient and good with them! At one point the hyperactivity hit a high note (check out Cole's feet, they were going a million miles a minute!).

I am amazed (and thankful) that he didn't kick her in the face with his Fred Flinstone feet! (Note Mason, hiding under the chair. At that moment he was being belligerent and insisting he wasn't going to let her take his picture. Translation: He was jealous she was paying attention to Cole and not him.)

All in all, it was a really fun morning that dominoed into a really fun day (more on that to follow later).

I am waiting with bated breath for the proofs, well aware that patience is key in this process and they will certainly be worth the wait! I have been so, so busy the last few days celebrating a birthday, the impending arrival of a new baby, and prepping for Lila's party that it's making my wait time fly by!

This morning Cole was talking about his Ruffie, and how "the lady" called it chocolate. Cole was laughing and saying, "My Ruffie's not chocolate, it's brown." Always trying to decode his messages, I was asking him, "What lady?" To which he replied, "The lady. With the pink shirt. And the pink shoes. She was a princess."

Then it occurred to me--he was talking about Terrilyn! In her efforts to slow him down, they were chatting about his ever-present Ruffie. Amidst the craziness I vaguely remember her saying something to the effect of how it looked like chocolate and maybe she should take a bite.

Three days later, he brings this up. He must have been thinking about it ever since. Terrliyn, you better tell your husband to watch out--Cole's eyeing you to be his Princess!

Coming up in my next installment.... Terrliyn left behind the giant piece of pink background paper that she used for Lila's pictures with explicit instructions that they should have a field day drawing all over it. The results of that, plus mild mannered Cole's day of tempter tantrums!

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