Thursday, May 28, 2009

(Cupcake) Party People In Da House

When your baby turns one, you throw a party. Part of you is celebrating your baby's first year of life.

Another part of you is celebrating that you survived it.

I knew before BabyGirl was born that she would ring in her one year old status with a cupcake party. I have run the gamut of boy themes--Construction Trucks, Pirates, Cowboys, Trains, Carnival (alright so maybe that's one's unisex, but hey). And as much as I love a party theme, my well of ideas was running dry. So I wanted a girly theme, and somewhere along the line, a cupcake party made sense because I actually became a good baker. Wonder of wonders!

And in preparation for the big par-tay, I got crafty. Who knew? But me and the craft store are BFFs now.

The sign says, "Look How I've Grown." Newborn clothes to the left, current clothes to the right.

Lila's giant cupcake. A lotta cake for a little girl. All the kids at the party were staking it out. I just know they all thought we were fools to give it all to the baby, but you only have one first birthday, after all. I made mini cupcakes a.k.a. "The Cadets".

I always make mini cupcakes. You always have the adult on the token diet, so they will have a mini to portion themselves. And then they'll have three or four more cause it was so tasty! They are like a gateway drug.

I also made Cookie Dough cupcakes because they are a fan favorite, and experimented by making a chocolate cupcake with a half baked brownie inside. (My creation needs a name--Chocolate Thunder maybe? LOL) But, I did not take a picture of them. Seriously.

Next on my list of confectionery creations--Cupcake Pops. Labor intensive, time consuming, but cute little suckers, and tasty to say the least.

I made another batch of these for Mason's teachers for the last day of school. I used a different kind of chocolate that was much better for dipping. It took me half the time as the first batch and they looked ten times better. Again, no picture. (I am off my game this week!) Don't worry, these little pops will appear in my kitchen again, I assure you.

Lila, Daddy, and Mimi

TiTi and Olivia

Granny, Pop, and the girls (Rey took this picture, thus the massive
amount of window in the shot)

The boys' fire engine tent. There were about a hundred kids inside.

Some food. mmmm

Carrie, kindly removed the seal from the dressing

Tia Maritza

Those babies don't belong to the women holding them

Neither does this one, although given the chance
I'm sure she'd sneak him out in her purse

Jenn and Larissa

Joe, dining alone at the kiddy table. At least he has a beer...
(Check out Rey wrangling Cole in the background.)

Cake time!!

We had been singing "Happy Birthday" to her all week. (It really
made her chill out for a diaper change!)

She was pleased to be hearing it again.

Her brothers with an assist on the blowing out of the candle

Pose for a quick pic with mama...

...and one with the fam.

And she's in!

She shoveled cake in her mouth again...

...and again...

...until she started choking on it. (Don't worry, she's okay!)

Somewhere along the line, an errant balloon got stuck in our oak tree.
Evi climbed up to retrieve it, and although he denies it... was him. I have photo proof!

3/4 of the Gammons crew. (The other 1/4 was off somewhere having too much fun.
I honestly didn't see him once until he was walking out the door to go home!)

And just to prove I was there... handing out favors at the end of the party.

Again, no pictures of the favors. (WHAT is up with my lack of picture taking??? I am so mad at myself!) The girls got aprons with cupcake appliques. Some of the boys got aprons too if I thought they would enjoy them, otherwise I gave them a treat bag of "boy" things like Matchbox cars and Play-doh. If anyone has a picture of their kid in an apron or is kind enough to take one and forward it on to me, I would be forever grateful!

I also forgot to take a picture of Lila wearing her party outfit. Fortunately it's the same one she wore for her one year photos, click here to check that out. (In case you can't tell, her shirt has a cupcake on it, the icing part made from the chiffon that the skirt is made from.)

After the party, Lila took the longest nap ever in the history of the earth. And while the boys chose to boycott their nap, fatigue got the best of them and they fell asleep on the couch with balloons tied to their wrists. (They were watching some Nascar race that just happened to be on, I would have fallen asleep too!)

When Lila finally woke up, the boys were anxious for her to open her presents. Now that they fully grasp the concept of opening presents, they can't bear to see wrapped boxes and undisturbed tissue paper in bags.

We had fun making headbands out of ribbon...

And then some sort of twisted crossing guard belt.
(And yes, she is using that chair as a walker.)

But Aunt Brandi got her a REAL walker! She has been tooling all around
with it ever since, although she still likes to use furniture to facilitate
her getting around.

We had a super great party, food and fun with friends. I am not sure I've recovered even now that it's six days later, but it's a day I'll not soon forget.

And for the record, Mason and Cole are having a super swell time play with the stroller, tea set, and other fun girl toys that they've never had an opportunity to play with before!

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