Monday, May 4, 2009

Informal Poll

Do you think it is reasonable to expect the Poor Abused Mom (PAM) who works in the gym daycare to single-handedly provide adequate supervision for 9 infants and 10 toddlers/preschoolers for a Grand Total of 19 Children?

Yeah, me neither.

But the toolbag who is paid to manage the gym wanted to argue with me about it.

I assured him it was only a matter of time before:

A) Someone broke a bone jumping off of the bookshelf that s/he had just climbed while PAM was tending to one of the THREE babies who were screaming at that moment;
B) A bigger kid beat the crap of a smaller kid. You know, just cause...
C) One of the twins that comes there every morning bites a chunk out of the other one during one of their daily tussles;
D) Someone drowns in the toilet, cause there are so many kids for one woman to watch she'd never ever notice one missing;
E) PAM finally declares she's had enough and leaves the oldest kid (a four-year old) in charge while she sneaks out the back.

Trust me, I know what I'm talking about here.

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Lucinda said...

That's awful! Is childcare included or is it an extra cost?