Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Purple People Eater's Peerless Picture-Perfect Performing Personality

Today I feel a bit like crying.

I can't exactly pinpoint the origin of my emotional state. Some of it came when I received and looked at the proof for Lila's first birthday party invitation--I love my baby girl and thinking about celebrating her first year of life brings tears to my eyes.

On the flip side, I feel sad today because one of my friends is feeling sad. Sympathy sadness, if you will. I wish it were simpler to ease life's pains, be they physical or emotional.

So, I am a touch lachrymose today.

And like magic, Cole steps in. He did something that on the surface is definitely naugh-ty. But underneath, it's a testament to his glorious personality, ever inquisitive as he drinks up life. Which made me smile.

From a child's perspective, a mother's makeup holds some sort of special fascination. Is it the pretty colors? The desire to emulate one's mother? Or the fact that her makeup is so often a "forbidden fruit"?

The motto of motherhood: Never turn your back--not even for a second. Sometimes you have to though, at least if you're going to feed your third child, and she does like to eat every now and again. And so it came to pass that while Lila was smacking her lips on her lunch today, the boys were quiet--I thought they were busing themselves watching a show in my room.

Alas, Cole came 'round the corner, looking beau-t-ful when a sparkly purple mouth, and I knew the moments of silence I enjoyed had come at a messy price.

I decided to take pictures of his drag queen status first, knowing that if I saw the causalities to my coveted makeup it would probably kill the amusement of this moment. And boy, did he work it for the camera.

Check out the pout action (and don't mind the poor guy's eczema).

After the photo shoot, I decided to check out the scene of the crime. He pulled out (and got into) everything--hair brushes, makeup brushes, nail polish remover, face products, the whole kit 'n kaboodle.

It was interesting to stand there and survey the damage. Things were strewn about, and some things were arranged in an interesting fashion. Again, my thoughts leave to the mind of Cole as he's on this scavenger hunt through Chanel, Lancome, Bobby Brown and Maybeline.

Neatly stacked nail buffers. Tower a la Cole.

My poor beheaded lipstick ...

...which was apparently used to color on a Sam's receipt left behind by Daddy

How thankful am I that Cole left this bad boy unopened? Very.

What he did was wrong (and I'm really surprised Mason didn't narc him out to be honest).

Am I happy Cole made a mess? No.

Am I happy he made some memories that made me smile? Absolutely.

Kids are so smart. I really think they know just what you need, and exactly when you need it.


Amber Greenawalt said...

I love this post. and I love you. Thanks for cheering me up.

Lucinda said...

Chanel, Lancome, Bobby Brown and Maybeline?...That's good stuff. Can I come play in your makeup too?

Oh, the dreaded 2-3 minutes of silence. My boys usually will laugh and giggle hysterically when they're doing something super bad. Today it was a food fight in the kitchen! But then they flash a sweet little grin and it's hard to stay mad.

The Manrings said...

hi there! just wanted to say i am with you with the tears about our baby girls turning one. samantha will be one in 2 weeks and i am in complete disbelief. she is still a little baby to me! when is your daughter's birthday? this was a cute post. thanks for sharing.
=), Lindsey