Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Admitting it is the First Step

This past Sunday I took on a daunting task--cleaning out the kids' closets.

Every time I went to grab an outfit for Lila, something wouldn't fit well. Every time I went to find a certain color shirt for one of the boys, it was hiding somewhere. So every time I went to pick out clothes for them, I thought I was going to lose my mind!

I spent most of the day Saturday out shopping. Lila and I hit the mall--it had been so long since I'd been there that a couple of stores had disappeared! I shopped until I dropped. Lila apparently did not inherit my love of the store--she gave me the stink eye all day, like "What the heck are we doing here Mama? I could be home trying to steal food from my brothers."

When I got home and went to hang up my new purchases there was not an empty hanger to be had in the kids' closets. And the color-coordinated nature in which I usually hang things had been tainted by the recent change of Rey hanging up the clothes (which I appreciate, I do, I just wish he shared in my love of anal organization). So I decided Sunday was the day.

I sorted. I piled. I packed away. I rehung. I color sorted. And soon, I could fit no more in the closets.

I stood there and surveyed the beauty of the perfectly organized closets that I so love.

And I realized--these closets are full. As in lady-you-have-no-business-shopping-for-these-kids-anymore full.

I started counting. The boys have a total 31 pairs of shorts hanging, and that's not counting the ones they were wearing and the ones in the wash. Okay, perhaps that's a bit excessive, I thought. Better not count the shirts.

Amongst the pile of clothes evicted from Lila's closet were quite a bit with tags still attached. I bought things before she was born and she never fit in them at the right time. What a waste! Buying ahead is a rookie move--I always do it and the things rarely work out. But it always seems like such a good idea at the time...

It was then I realized that I have a problem. We always joke that I'm a shop-a-holic, but perhaps there's something to it.

So I am officially putting a moratorium on buying children's clothing. The people at Gymboree are weeping, I promise you.

Rey was excited--you could almost see him counting the savings that would result from my self-imposed clothes shopping boycott.

But, because I'm a good American and want to do my part to revive the ailing economy, I've moved on to a new addiction--purchasing housewares! Seriously, Bed Bath and Beyond is my new mecca!

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