Saturday, April 11, 2009

Does this look like the face of a Sick Girl?

See, I don't think so either!

But she is in fact sick. I thought she was in the clear. She hadn't thrown up since Tuesday, had worked her way back to eating, and had a full day of regular meals yesterday. She has been her normal, happy self.

Until this morning, when she vomited her breakfast all over the highchair. Thankfully (for me at least) I was at the gym and Daddy was On Duty.

But she's been all smiles all day! With the exception of the fact that she very clearly wants to eat (we're easing her back to food for fear of vomiting retribution) she has been so happy!

Playing in her room while the boys napped, she was drawn to her Safety 1st nightlight (it is safely screwed into the outlet and includes an outlet cover, no worries).

Standing there, she laughed...

Banged on the wall...

Explored the nightlight up close...

And checked to see if it was edible. Hey, I said she wanted to eat, didn't I?

What a goofball. Did I mention that last night she stood up without holding on to anything for the first time? Considering she wasn't even pulling up on furniture a month ago, I consider this amazing progress. I was thinking she'd walk later than the boys (Mason and Cole walked at 12 and 13 months, respectively) but who knows...

Until next time...

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Amber Greenawalt said...

That's awesome! She is incredible! Have I told you lately how beautiful Miss Lila is? Then she does have some good genes going for her. ;)

We must be living parallel lives indeed. Littlest S. is on day 6 of a fever, coughing, congestion, mouth breathing.. all that good stuff and yet remains a bucket of's our grace these third babies!

Missing you fiercely and hoping you have a WONDERFUL Easter!...can't wait to see photos of the outfits!

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