Friday, May 14, 2010

Work It

The thing about teaching an exorbitant amount of fitness classes is that you have to eat a lot of food.

And I mean a lot.

Or you'll starve.

No joke.

For most people, this likely is not a problem. But those people probably like to cook. And even if they don't, they probably still do it on a regular basis.

In the last 30 days, I have taught at least 23 classes (I lost count somewhere along the line). That, my friends, is quite a bit. In addition to that, I've also tried to maintain my own workout routines by taking a yoga class here and there instead of teaching, and throwing in some cardio when it's been a few days between teaching spin classes. And I love it.

I am a machine.

My machine needs more fuel.

There are days where I literally burn so many calories I cannot possibly eat enough. Case in point Monday, when I taught two spin classes and a yoga for a grand total burn of somewhere in the neighborhood of 1400 calories.

Interestingly enough, the more active I am, the more my body craves healthier food. This is certainly a conundrum because I abhor all aspects related to healthy meal preparation. I don't like the planning, nor the shopping, I'd rather read a book than cook, and cleanup is for the birds.

But I have to eat. It's really quite a predicament.

On top of that, I've been getting a lot of flack when I mention to people that I don't often cook dinner. I get incredulous looks that go from disbelief, to jealousy, to pity for my poor family. So I had to make a decision: either start cooking, or stop telling people that I don't.

I decided to meet halfway--I'm trying to cook a little more and I don't mention to anyone the amount of Calistoga and Tijuana Flats my family consumes. I think it's a nice arrangement.

The irony is I am busier than I've ever been. And incorporating meal prep into this when it wasn't part of the schedule before is slightly laughable.

But it's working. And Rey is ranting and raving about how good everything I make is.

I can't figure out if he's telling the truth or just trying to keep me going...

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JONES said...

first of all...good for you and all working out/teaching you do! sounds like you're in great shape. second of all screw you...when you workout more, your body craves healthy food?!? if I work out, my body craves fried chicken wings, frech fries loaded with salt and a beer. ;-)