Thursday, May 20, 2010



My name is Ya-ya. Spelled L-I-L-A, but I like to call myself Ya-ya.

Today is my birfday. I am two.

Being two is fun. I love my life! I get to play with my bruh-yahs, Mas and Co-Co.

My favorite thing to do is to cullah. You know, with crayons.

I like to watch "packpack" on TV. Mason insists it's called "Dora" but I am certain he is wrong.

I'm a super big girl now. I like to use the potty ever chance I get, but my mama says she doesn't have time for me to be potty trained. Those big girl underwears are so pretty though. Mine have Tinkerbell on them.

My mullet has finally grown out long enough so mommy can manage it. Every morning I make her put pigtails in my hair. Or else.

My favorite 'nack is raisins. I leave them all over the house!

Every night before I go to bed, I tiss mommy, tiss, daddy, and tiss my bruh-yahs. I love to give tisses. Mwah! Then I say nah-nite.

I am happy to be two.

Happy birfday to me! Sing it, people.

P.S. I'm having a really "sweet" birthday party this weekend. If my mommy has her act together she'll post some pictures next week.

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Anonymous said...

Darling picture, what a blessing Lila is to the Martinez family!
~Mrs. Gammons