Monday, May 17, 2010

The Unexpected Gift

The manner of giving is worth more than the gift. ~Pierre Corneille

On Friday, Cole came home from preschool with a gift from his friend.

It was from his "best girl friend" Tianna.

I think she really likes Zac Efron.

She even made some sweet little hearts for the box. And yes, that's a Gucci G, my friends. Cole's best girl friend has good taste!

What was in the box? I was as excited to see as Cole was.
It was a bear.

Cole quickly dubbed him "Nosey." He sleeps in Cole's bed along with Ruffie, the 'Poster (Imposter) Ruffie, Fat Penguin, Scooby Doo, Froggie the Wenkinz, Baby Jaguar and three blankies. It's really crowded in there.

All weekend Cole carried Nosey in that box. I'm sure he'll start up again when he comes home from school today. He kept talking about Tianna and how much he loves Nosey.

And I keep thinking about this little girl, working on crafting this little box for my boy. It makes me happy for him that he's sweet to her and that she wanted to do something nice for my little guy. And above all else I am so happy for her that she's so caring and big-hearted to do something like this for another child.

It sure made him happy. And me too.

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JONES said...

adorable! and yes a Gucci G and Shiseido make up...I think Cole is the one with good taste! ;-)