Monday, June 8, 2009

Sweet Tooth

Cole was 14 months old when he got his first tooth. At every well visit, Dr. W. would ask his standard "Does she have a mouth full of teeth?" question, to which my response was always, "Nope, not a one." Although he assured me Cole would get teeth eventually, I was beginning to wonder what the cost of teeny tiny toddler sized dentures would be.

Lila was giving Cole's record a run for its money. She's been chugging along all this time with no teeth. I had a feeling it was going to be soon because three days ago I caught her biting down on the glass coffee table top.

And sure enough, LilaGirl got her first tooth on Saturday! We were at a baby birthday party and she was knawing on my hand something fierce. Just as I was commenting that she still had no teeth, I realized I felt a little something. And sure enough, the teensiest, tiniest bit of tooth has broken it's way through to the surface.

If you look closely (and you gotta look really closely) you can see her little pearly white.


And yes, she's cranky over the teething, but in this picture she's really more upset because she had no more milk left in her sippy cup. But the mouth agape crying allowed for the immortalization of her first tooth...

It is so funny, but the arrival of the first tooth hits me harder than the arrival of the first birthday. When it's their birthday, they are not changed as a person. She was the same baby on May 20th that she was on May 19th. But now that she's getting teeth, her appearance is going to change, graduating her from the gummy smile of a baby to the tooth grin of a toddler. THAT is a tougher pill for me to swallow!

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