Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Rhetorical Rhetoric

Lots of things on my mind lately. I know, it's amazing!

So here, in no particular order, I offer the following:

  • When does tree pollen season end? I think I might throw a party when that happens.

  • Is it better to clean one room completely and then move on to the next, or move from room to room in 15 minute increments?

  • Why can't the washer and dryer take the same amount of time to operate?

  • How come children find so much joy in throwing clean laundry all over the dirty floor?

  • My brother-in-law was on my porch at 7:30am collecting the tables and chairs from the party. I was not expecting him and his scared the bejeez out of me. He's lucky I'm a liberal and don't own a gun.

  • I am, however, very thankful that he removed the tables and chairs for me. And that he laid sod in my yard last week. My husband should be more thankful because both of these tasks were his chores. He too is lucky that I'm a liberal and don't own a gun.

  • Why is it that no matter how much space you have in your house you seem to fill it, and no matter how much money you have you seem to spend it? Same goes with time.

  • Do you think the QWERTY keyboard really is the best key placement for optimal typing? I have always wondered.

  • Does your baby's crib bumper fit in your washer? Lila's doesn't and it's highly inconvenient.

  • How many strollers do normal people own? I have five right now and am told that's excessive.

  • Is there a way to put sheets on bunk beds that does not involve calisthenics and sweating?

  • Wouldn't it be nice if there was one company that collected all of your bills and gave you the total so you only had to write one check?

  • How does anyone live without an iPhone?

That's all for now folks.

1 comment:

Nicole S said...

• no idea, but I'm right there with ya!
• my plan is to hope that my hubby cleans the house by himself so that i don't have to . . . plan is still not working, ugggh!
• why can't there be ONE machine that cleans, dries AND folds!?!?
• guns don't kill people, people kill people
• see above ;-)
• out of space, time and money here too!
• I've thought of that too! I mean how can we be certain this layout is best?
• we had to remove our crib bumper BECAUSE it was such a pain to wash!
• we own 3 strollers so I don't think 5 is excessive!!
• let the hubby take care of it! ;-)
• YES, oh please YES! I would sign up today
• no freaking clue . . . can't remember a world before my iPhone!

hehehehe that was fun!

Hope you are having a great day!

Nicole :-)