Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Things They Come Up With: Chapter One

I typically don't stray far from home. On a regular basis, I go to three places:

1. The kids' preschool (about 1/4 mile from home)
2. The gym (about 1.5 miles from home)
3. Publix (also 1.5 miles from home)

As such, we (we being me and the kids) don't often to see the sights of town, if you will. But one thing they never seem to forget--the hospital.

Every time we drive by the hospital, which like I said is not all that great of a frequency even though it is a mere two miles from our door, one or both of the boys comment on the fact that I go there, I sleep there, and I bring home a baby.

(Or at least I did. I'm not planning on doing that again anytime soon.)

This evening, as we went on a great adventure that happen to take us that way, the inevitable conversation began. This time I got a little more than I bargained for.

It went a little something like this.

Cole: Look! It's the hos-i-pal! Look mama! The hos-i-pal where you go to get your baby!

Me: Yes, it sure it.

(This is usually the end of that, although sometimes they also comment on how Granny brings them there to visit me and they get to ride in the elevator.)

Mason: Do people also go there when they get dead?

Me: Silence.

Mason: Well do they?

Me: Yes, some people do Mason.

Cole: When people are getting dead, the ambulance picks them up and brings them to the hos-i-pal first.

Mason: Yep. And then they get dead.

Shortly after that delightful little conversation, Mason comes along to show me a card from a matching game he has. It's of the Earth with a caption that says, "God created the Earth in six days" (a feat, by the way, which never ceases to amaze me).

Mason: Look, Mom. It's the Earth. God lives there. (He points to the area of outer space in the picture.)

Me: Yes He does.

Mason: Yep, and so does Wall-E.

And lastly, tonight as Rey and Mason were playing a round of Mario Kart, I heard another little gem when both of them were defeated by the computer characters.

Mason: We lost. They banged us.

Rey: You mean they beat us?

Mason: Yeah. They beat us. And banged us.

It was a day of audio delights, let me tell ya. All this makes me wonder how many funny things I would hear if I paid better attention...

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