Thursday, February 4, 2010

Happy Days Are Here Again

I am in a really, really good mood.

It is such a monumental occasion I figured it would behoove me to document it.

I have really good reasons for my really good mood.

  1. Yesterday, I folded, hung, and put away ten loads of laundry. It was such an accomplishment.
  2. Today, even though it was time to start laundry again, I only had three loads instead of my usual four.
  3. This weekend, I'm going to a yoga training. Keri's coming along this time and we're going to dine on sushi.
  4. I'm going to be spending two nights away from home, which (as much as I love my family) means I get to have two blessed and uninterrupted nights of sleep that culminate in mornings which do no involve me waking to the sound of someone screaming that they have to go potty.
  5. I discovered the Arc Trainer at the gym. I used to think this was a pointless machine, sort of a reject elliptical or something. But alas, it is far superior! And burns like, twice the calories. I never was a fan of the elliptical, so this discovery is fantastic.
  6. I have cooked dinner three times this week. And although sometimes it's stressful and most of the time Mason won't eat it, I feel very accomplished, and happy that Rey always helps clean up. The cleaning up is the worst.
  7. Mason (I think) has finally given up napping. And while this might seem like a devastating blow, now that I have gotten used to it I'm really enjoying the fact that he and I have some time alone in a quiet house while the other kids sleep. At least I enjoy when he's contributing to that quiet house aspect.
  8. Upon the culmination of my reading the Harry Potter Books 1-7, I was lent the five books of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, which is a completely delightful little collection of books.
  9. The sun is shining! You'd think this would not be a novelty in Florida, but trust me, lately the state of the sun has been iffy in the Sunshine State.
  10. I feel like I need a number 10 in order to have a nice round number, but I've got nothing else.

Soon we will be returning to our regularly scheduled negativity, including but not limited to, a nice long dissertation on why the glass is half empty.

Until then...


Booklover1212 said...

What a great list! Enjoy your time away!! What a treat!

Thanks for the tip about the Percy Jackson books. I've been wondering about whether to start reading them myself. Now I'll give it a shot!

~ Jennifer

Ashley said...

Yes, read them! They're light books, but they are funny, very clever, and you learn a bit about Greek mythology in the process!

Thanks for stopping by Jennifer!

Kathleen said...

I loved Percy Jackson! Have I already told you this - I can't remember. And Amya read them all and is SOOO excited for the movie next Friday.

Amber Greenawalt said...

OMG I just started Percy Jackson myself!!! Finished Water For Elephants it was great too, learned lots about the circus.
So glad that you are happy Ashley!! That alone makes me happy!
Love you friend! --A

The Manrings said...

hey there! this list makes me smile. haven't stopped by to check your blog in too long and i'm sure glad i did. made me laugh...since i too feel very accomplished when i cook something other than a rotisserie chicken or frozen lasagna. hehehe. hope you are having a great week. thanks for sharing. ps. good luck with your yoga class! xo