Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fashion Connondrum

So here's the thing--I live in Florida. And it just so happens that I seem to be emerging from underneath the coma of I-just-had-a-baby--or-a-second-baby-or-a-third-baby-and-might-actually-want-to-dress-in-something-other-than-yoga-pants stage of life.

It's a good stage of life. When you start to emerge a little more as a person and a little less as only someone's mother.

And I've decided I need a new wardrobe to match this new stage.

I'll say it again--I live in Florida.

And Fall Fashion is Not Florida Friendly.

Boots, Scarves, Coats... I have no use for this stuff! It's 85 degrees as I type this.

It is so, SO cute. Like this girl...

Or this one....

Or how about these?

I mean, honestly. Even if I were so inclined to shell out the $399 that these boots retail for, where would I wear them? The Beach?

Yes, I would most certainly shrivel up and DIE of a heart stroke if I were to wear any of this stuff.

What's a girl to do?

So I take this moment to tell you northern dwellers that I am jealous of you and your limitless fashion possibilities. To be clear, I don't envy your frosty weather. I just want the clothes.

Sorry to be a hater.


Nicole S said...

Agreed! Shovel a driveway? Not interested, thankyouverymuch! Too cute sweater, scarf and layers? Yes please!!! Too bad our choices are the RED tank top or the GREEN one hmmmm . . . . if you find any good ideas/suggestions, please share!!! And by the way, there is NOTHING wrong with yoga pants, nothing! :-)

Amber Greenawalt said...

Well you know my solution to your fashion conundrum would be that you buy the house next door to me...then you could experience seasonal couture...I'm just sayin ;)