Thursday, October 1, 2009


We interrupt our regularly scheduled Disney blogging for a post about Lila.

Yesterday morning it was a dull, gray, raining awakening. It was depressing to say the least. But by the time I went to get the boys from school, the sun was shining, and it was ONLY 76 degrees!!!

We Floridians suffer through an insufferable summer. It's hot, it's sweaty, so humid you could practically swim through the air... and you people up north don't know how we do it. Truth be told, neither do we.

But then suddenly, and without warning, you begin to reap the rewards. One day you feel a hint of the cool air and can hardly believe what you're feeling. Summer is ending and you're so incredulous to the whole idea that you have to be convinced of that.

That's how I feel about Lila right now. Her babyhood, almost overnight, is ending. A couple of days ago I was watching her walk and noticing how toddlerlike she seems. It was a revelation.

She is a tiny girl, and coupled with the fact that she doesn't have much hair has kept her babyish a little longer than most. But just as I can see the weather is changing, I can see that she's changing, too.

And then, she started peeing on the potty. I kid you not. While we were at Disney, she started going over to the potty at the hotel and pulling her bloomers or shorts down. So we started putting her on the potty and she would laugh! The second time we put her on, she peed. Now she goes on every night before bathtime, and pees without fail. If you don't put her on, she pees in the tub, so it's in the best interest of hygiene to put her on. *I* am not ready for her to potty train. I highly doubt *she* is. Why must she rush this growing up business?

She runs. Her little, shoe loving feet pitter patter all the way.

Her hugs! Oh her hugs!! I still think Cole had a lock on the baby hugs, but Lila's are different and wonderful in their own way. She wraps her arms around your neck, lays her head on your shoulder, and gives you so much love.

Her personality evolves every single day, sometimes rearing its ugly head. It's clear she's going to be a strong willed little diva, and I'm cool with that. I am that, so it's only fitting. But even when she's ornery, I love it all the same.

But her sunny disposition always returns.

Things I'm going to miss:

~Her dependence. Independence is refreshing and relieving, but sometimes it's nice to be needed by someone.

~Having a "baby". There's nothing else like it.

~Her morning nap. She's kinda switching to one nap a day and it's throwing my whole schedule with the boys through a loop.

Things I'm looking forward too:

~More hair on her precious little head. She loves to have her hair brushed, but being as most of it is on the back of her head and very little is on the top, we haven't gotten the chance to play beauty shop yet.

~Her talking more and more. Granted much of what she's saying right now is a defiant "nnneoooo" or a demanding "ah da" (all done, so get me out of here lady).

~Her to enjoy shopping more. Cause right now she hates it. And that just doesn't work for me.

Change, it is a-coming.

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Amber Page Writes said...

What a sweet post! My daughter's only six months old, and already she's changed so much! I can't wait till she gets to that stage.